Light to admire, to live by, to nurture and grow.

We work light creatively, with meticulous care – molding tailor-made industrialized designs for each individual customer.

We believe in human, environmental and economic sustainability.
Our light sources are intelligent; not only created with innovative optics but also electronically interpolated to manage and update systems in real time.

From idea to product. We work alongside the customer – architect, builder, production engineer, or designer – to create a flexible, cost-effective product that can cater to present and future needs.

Our Services

Developing new integrated and intelligent solutions requires a long period of study and design.
It is not always necessary to create something completely new: sometimes it is more intelligent to look for elements that can be reengineered, adapted and successfully integrated.
We are constantly working to keep a close eye on the market, on the lookout for smart products and solutions to integrate into our solutions.
Doesn’t exist? Let’s make it!
We invest a lot of our time and effort creating customized electronic components to make our proposals one of a kind.
An in-depth knowledge of electronics, I.T. and home automation provides us a springboard for our products and applications.
Our aim is to always remain “one step ahead”; trying to see what direction the market is heading in order to give the right answers at the right time.
Simple and immediate: in a word, smart.
Our technology respects our guidelines; to be aligned with the Internet of things – the frontier in terms of how we live, and how we communicate.
One of our strengths is understanding and bringing your ideas to life.
We can provide 360-degree support during project design, spot hidden needs, find solutions, and finalize a highly technological product.
It is essential to work alongside customers, quietly and carefully listening to them, whether it be an architect, designer, or final user.
Sharing this process means we can create a well-thought-out reusable solution that remains valid over time through simple upgrading.
Having functional prototypes to define business development strategies is a growing need for many companies..
Bringing together multiple skills and industrial techniques, coupled with the use of 3D modeling machines, enables us to provide a highly-functional prototype with an excellent aesthetic finish.
This means you can analyze production costs, check not only the design but also operational functionality and true market potential, optimize your costs and maximize your benefits.

Effective targeted lighting not only creates customer identity, but also gives that identity visibility and helps it stand out.
This goal can only be achieved by adopting a conscious consistent way of thinking whereby the design concept pinpoints the final result and allows you to correctly set up and carry out each stage up to production testing.
Concept analysis, development and definition based on innovation, technology and creativity: in a nutshell, this is our recipe.

A perfect lighting system can never be complete without checking its physical components properly and accurately: the right correspondence between the quality and quantity of the light, the task to be achieved (spectrum and energy compliance), technical and technological adequacy of choices (optic and electronic congruence), and the ergonomic requirements to comply with (norms and recommendations).

The areas where we operate

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