Solar 100

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Solar is a true point source emitting natural full-visible-spectrum light.

A best-in-class with unprecedented, accurate rendering of colors and whites, high intensity and uniform beams.

Groundbreaking optical design, materials and methods of attachment: the self-centering magnetic interconnect system allows flexibility to optimize design on-site, with any beam spread.

Up to 1300 lumen packages and 23W power consumption, 2700K/3000K/4000K or 5000K CCTs and Ra-96/R9-97 (@ 3000K), with a very low content of harmful UV ( λ≤ 400nm): <5μW/lm.

The 9° primary optic (4°@175mA) for optimal management focusing (i.e. on the artworks) is marked by a “macula” for masking the direct view of the source (glare limitation) and support magnetic secondary optics, filters, converters and louvers.

The electronic power management and is designed to be housed inside projectors without the need of additional boxes.

The control system is available in analogical (rotary dimming on-board) and with digital and wireless protocols (DMX, DALI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

Violet-emission LEDs with three phosphor mix renders a complete and continuous spectrum, with no gaps in red or cyan, perfectly rendering the myriad colors.

Natural full-visible-spectrum light is mandatory for rendering true colors artworks.

The interiors of our homes and offices contain a wide range of colors, finishes and materials that benefit from perfect spectrum light sources. Deep red and cyan are particularly important for color rendering in foods and beverages, and optimal appearance can make the difference.

Directional display lighting is an essential part of retailing, and a wide range of products benefits from accurate and complete color and white rendering in light sources.


Also available with different diameter: Solar 40 e Solar 60, and in different version Solar 100 Compact.


Product available with Casambi control system.


Project in which Solar 100 is used:

Additional information

Colori vividi

CRI-95, R9-96 @ 3000K

Bianco Naturale

All light sun’s white shades.

Ottica prismatica e mono sorgente

No spill light, no multiple shadows.

Fascio stretto e controllato a 9°

27.000cd x 1300lm @3000K

Ottiche secondarie magnetiche

17°, 25°, 36°, 60°, 10°x25°, 10°x36°, 10°x60°, aimable filter and louver

Filtri convertitori di TCC magnetici

Shifting up to 2000K

Altre ottiche fisse disponibili

4°, 25°, 36°