RiQuadro came about as a result of the desire to create a compact bedhead with an innovative design. Its form moves away from a more traditional style in order to accomodate the patient in a cosier warmer environment while, at the same time, still being able to provide the same level of functionality required by patients and staff.

Lighting designed and targeted at individual activities carried out on a daily basis, with high light quality and the option to have additional dedicated lights.

RiQuadro is a modular system which can be adapted to suit a variety of individual styles thanks to the front cover panels.

Starting from the basic module, the functional elements, the direct and/or lighting system and the front cover panel – which can contain a further lighting system – are added at the customer’s request.

There are no standard versions: professional designers can enjoy total freedom of movement as the RiQuadro configuration can be personalized for each individual project.