The Multifunctional Profile (PRO4) is a wall support for at least one lighting device and panel element. It offers a one-stop solution to a number of problems that may be encountered when lighting various environments with a wide range of features. These include museum room spaces and/or historic buildings, where it is very difficult to perform work such as wiring on decorated ceilings or walls of architectural value without damaging or ruining them.
This simple and easy-to-install profile can perform a variety of functions. The electrified track can be installed parallel or perpendicular to the floor to provide the housing and power supply for direct lighting devices such as adjustable spotlights, or adjustable luminaires for indirect lighting on the upper part. The profile is equipped with a cable duct for power supply, telephone wires, computer network wiring, burglar alarm system, etc. and a contoured rail located in the lower part to install any specifically required sliding elements to hang pictures, works of art, boards, and such like.


Projects where it was employed

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Un prodotto per 4 funzioni diverse

A multi-functional profile for direct and indirect lighting systems, hanging works of art, and housing cables

Flessibilità di installazione

Wall or support installation

Sistema di illuminazione su misura

Profile length created specifically for each project