Longitudinal is a batterypowered LED linear light with high color rendering or applications where diffused light meets qualitative requirements, such as in the case of frescoes (and paintings in general) on walls and vaulted ceilings.
The length can be adjusted during installation, which makes the application highly adaptable whether indoors or outdoors (IP65) and regardless of the physical environment.
Passive thermal management inside a UV-stabilized PVC casing.

Also available in RGB-W and Tunable white versions.


Projects where it was employed

Additional information

Vivid colors

CRI-97 @ 3000K

Natural White

All light sun’s shades

High efficiency vs light quality

1400lm/20W/m @3000K

Uniform and comfortable distribution

Lambertian emission at 180°

Clip fixing

Adjustable 360°

Length can be adjusted during installation

Adjustable length at 5cm intervals


Indoor and outdoor employ

Functional and scenography lighting

RGBW and Tunable White available