Wellness and care in the right light

Issues involving buildings where patients or the elderly live are complex. Lighting is an integral part of the overall welfare of people who are housed in these facilities.

These are aspects that concern the body, mind and spirit.

Integrating natural light and artificial lighting can, and must, respect circadian rhythms, or rather, the human body’s internal clock. Doing so makes life more comfortable for people made vulnerable by illness or aging.

Lighting for resting, visiting and living

Rimani has studied and produces specific applications that bring together the ideal qualities of lighting in a modern and functional design; simple to use and managed by remote control.

Degenlux lighting is indispensable for life and can significantly improve the mood and comfort of all places where people work or live. In particular, this lighting helps and supports residents and employees in hospitals and nursing homes.

Illuminazione per ospedali
Illuminazione per ospedali
Illuminazione per ospedali

Rimani has developed intelligent and technologically advanced systems. One single element offers:

  • Gentle resful ambient light

  • Precise efficient lighting for various points of the bed

  • Maximum reading pleasure

  • Facilitated care and personal assistance