Let’s start by taking a step back…

The only source of artificial light for the vegetative phase of plant growth was, until recently, HQI metal halide lamps. These indoor bulbs emitted only a cold white light at 4000 degrees Kelvin in order to grow and prepare the plant for the flowering phase.

And after flowering? The same lighting for all the different phases of plant growth could not possibly be the ideal solution.


So now let’s take a step forward…

And what a step it is. Agriculture can also benefit from the latest LED technology, and this sector offers a range of surprising applications.

Plants, in their different phases of life, need different light frequencies and lighting rhythms, just like in nature. The versatility of LED technology is definitely what is required for plant growth.

But it is not enough: To use LED lighting effectively and get the best results, it is necessary to take an in-depth look at which frequencies to use, and especially when to use them, and for how long. All such information was impossible to convey to the old obsolete HQI light sources.

Illuminazione per agricoltura