Rimani, a new form of lighting

Light – generating, evocative, intangible – is the element to which Rimani devotes its creativity, experience, innovation and technology.

Our point of departure is our expertise in electronics, IT, domotics and home automation. We invest in the continuous search for comfortable efficient lighting systems, tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

We constantly strive to take our products and solutions a step closer to a simple and “smart” use of lighting; lighting that offers people a better quality of life, accentuates beauty, and reduces environmental impact.

Rimani srl

In short, light in its finest form.

Rimani is synonymous with Lighting Creative Technology; from concept to design, prototyping and the final finished product. Lighting Technology solutions for museums, galleries, points of sale, clinics, hospitals, and agriculture.

Many major lighting projects stand out among those we have been entrusted with, not least of all, the Holy Shroud in Turin, a number of exhibits from the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the Russian Art Exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny, the Maya Exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, the Nefertari itinerant exhibition in Rome, Bari, Turin and Venice, the Vatican Museums, the Vatican Necropolis, and many other such examples.

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Human Centered Design, this is the meaning underpinning our work.

We aspire to a new approach where man and light are bound by a tacit vital understanding; an approach where light takes care of man.

We create smart empathic-designed lighting systems for people. Our systems target needs by understanding people’s moods and safeguarding the ecosystem.

Our company explores and uses smart, durable professional technologies to improve the quality of life.

Man at the center of his wellness and light its means.

History and founders

Rimani Srl. was founded in July 2015 as an ‘innovative start up’. Its recent history, however, owes its values of innovation, technology and prestige to the thirty years’ expertise of founding member, Carlo Albano.
The company he founded in 1989 immediately established itself as a leader in Italy in the application of fibre optics and, later, LED lighting for museums, prior to its being acquired by a European multinational in 2009.
His vision and insight led Carlo to create a new business: Rimani; a new chapter in the history of lighting systems, and an unprecedented relationship between man and light.
The core founders of the company include Massimiliano Negri and Stefano Terrosi. They bring with them a range of skills ranging from architecture and electronics, to IT, domotics and home automation for the creation of highly efficient solutions.

Carlo Albano
Carlo AlbanoLighting engineer & entrepreneur
I have been running my own companies since the ‘70s when lighting calculations were done by hand…
Massimiliano Negri
Massimiliano NegriLighting Architect
Architect by education and lighting engineer by passion. Always close to art, architecture and interior design.
Stefano Terrosi
Stefano TerrosiI.T. Engineer
I.T. is the point of departure for all my activities, with a particular interest in home automation.